Thank God for Closed Doors


This week I came upon a closed door.

It was a door I was so desperately hoping to go through.

A door I could picture myself going through.

A door I was sure it was time to go through.

A door that would theoretically lead to other doors that I also wanted to go through.

But that door did not open when it came time like I had hoped.

It remained closed.

It remained closed and the peace and patience and hope I had been cultivating within, disappeared.

And I got angry, and frustrated and said things like, “life’s not fair.”


But wouldn’t you know, as soon as I hung my head, turned around and walked away in defeat, a window opened.

A window opened and inspiration flew in the window.

Flew in and hit me in the face.

Not hard, but like a soft reminder.

A reminder that there is a plan.

And it is good.


Inspiration flew in and reminded me of the things I have hoped for far longer than that open door

And along with that inspiration, motivation.

Motivation to start something frightening, something potentially life changing and something I’ve dreamed about my whole life.

Motivation to take the narrow path, full of hard work and sacrifice.

A path that will lead to many more doors, some open, some closed.

A path that leads to to a beautiful end goal and a life I’ve always wanted.


Thank God for closed doors


~K. Ramey-Martin



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