It’s been a minute!

3ish years later, we’ve left Germany.
Settled back in the southern United States.
Damn it’s humid.
T-minus 5 years left in the military.
I’ll talk about future plans after retirement soon. I’m cautiously optimistic.
My posts will be choppy and sporadic for a while. I’m tired of perfectionism and obsessing over how things appear.
‘Tis what it is.
Still into fashion and makeup. Most women are, right?
Esthetician and skin care career field among things I’m considering down the line.
My kid just finished Kindergarten. Time to start putting some time back into myself.
My health/emotional issues of the past two years have finally come to a head and I feel like I might finally coming back down the other side of the mountain. Again, cautiously optimistic. Less willing to delve into all that quite yet.
In part inspired by said “issues”, I’ve begun to research a new way of living and a new counseling style I’m working on (with a professional). That, I will speak about later.
I’ll leave my short and annoyingly vague update with two book recommendations regarding my lifestyle/mindset changes.

Books I recommend: Reviews of both of these coming soon. I found them astoundingly helpful and uplifting.

KonMari book– Find it here.

the-happiness-trap– Find it here. I recommend the paper version of this book, to be able to do the worksheets and more easily reference portions.

I leave you with some quotes I have found immensely helpful to my wellbeing lately.
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Back soon.


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