Why I Don’t Ask Why.

I should be packing and getting ready to leave my “home” for the first time in almost three years to see my family back in the states. Nerve wracking doesn’t even cover what it feels like to see them after the last two years that we have all had.
It hasn’t hit me yet. I think all that I’ve been dealing with here has kept me in a cocoon where I know what’s been happening there, but haven’t had the emotional room to process any of it. That wouldn’t sound so self centered if I unloaded all of my troubles and worries.
So instead of packing, here I sit. Digesting as much about my current situation as I can before I go home to be there with and for my family.
I’m watching Bomb Patrol Afghanistan. It’s not what my husband does or is doing over “there”. I’m not/can’t say where he is or what he does but at least I can watch this and remember WHY we are there and why we/they all give up so much for our country.
I hear so so so many people civilian and military constantly vent about “Why the hell are we still over there??” “How dare they keep deploying people” “Waste of time” “Waste of resources” “Waste of money”…..etc. You hear it all and have probably thought or said as much.
You know what? I don’t ask why. I don’t sit here and bitch about my husband being gone and how unfair it is. You know what would be unfair? Being able to help another human being or help someone else defend their homes and doing NOTHING.
WHY are we there? To do just that! Do you think the majority of these people want to be terrorized and oppressed in their own homes? If we weren’t there, making our presence known, teaching them how to defend themselves, and showing them we mean business, HOW LONG would it be before we would be cowering in our own homes waiting on the next attack??? We as Americans are so sheltered and dare I say ignorant to the plight of the rest of the PLANET. It’s a big wide world out there. We are all flesh and blood. We all love and lose. We all have families we care about. Because of a few groups who promote hate and tyranny, other human beings are suffering and losing. Where would we be as a nation if we stood by and did nothing???
These guys are fighting and dying over there for a cause that is bigger than themselves. If you can’t stand behind that, then take down that American flag you fly. Get the words God Bless America out of your mouth. Defending the defenseless and defending our home and way of life is what gives you the right to sit there and complain about “our guys still being there”.
Just stop and think for two seconds about what you would be complaining about if they were NOT there. Do you think the terrorists would take a break? Do you think the fight would stay on the other side of the planet? Do you think it would never touch our lives again like it did on September 11? Think again.
GOD BLESS THE USA, AND GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND THE JOBS THEY ARE DOING. I stand behind them. Feel free to move the hell out of the way and shut your mouth.


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