Healthy Eating Blogging Gems And An Update!

I have been missing from here for a few weeks, but I have certainly kept busy and true to my word! I have the most wonderful friends around me to keep me motivated and upbeat.  You know who you are! Without them, I would sink right back into the deep dark hole that is being homesick and fed up!

What have I been up to? Walking at least a mile, at least 6 days a week. Researching the bejesus out of healthy eating and recipes (AMAZING links below!) Even starting a few hobbies/crafts to help me feel accomplished. I love figuring things out and making something where there was nothing! Yet another life lesson I was taught growing up in what I will contend was the best environment possible. It was never perfect, but that was the point! I learned to make the very best out of every situation, always leave things (and people) in better shape than you found them, always have an open heart- even when  you know it will hurt, and most importantly, don’t dwell. (or as Mom would say, “have yourself a pity party”)

So I’m doing just that. I’m making the best out of things! I have been cleaning/decluttering my house for myself. Not for company. It’s about taking pride in yourself and your family. And MAN does it feel good to wake up to an empty sink and clean floors! Granted, the last two days I have been down for the count with a tweeked neck thanks to a squirmy, almost 40 pound toddler, but I will still upkeep what I can. Yes, my house was never really “dirty” to begin with, but I forgot how good it felt to take pride in even the smallest tasks. It does seem like the impossible mission some days though. With a nearly 3 year old tyrant ruling the roost, clutter free living seems an impossibility. There is a certain amount of clarity of thought that comes from an uncluttered surrounding. So I’ll take a later bed time to do those last minute things and maybe a little less free time if it means that I get to feel a little less wound the next day. I now know why my mom could never stand to wake up to dirty dishes! It really sets the tone for your whole day.

I’ve also been dreaming a bit again! Finally feeling myself again. When you’re down and out, you think to yourself- why bother? It’s not going to happen for me anyway. Well not with that attitude it won’t! Things never work out how we plan, but that’s half the fun! You learn to adapt and make a new dream! I have no idea what will happen with our next journey (our next stateside base) but I’d for once like to think of the possibilities instead of dreading the change.

Ok, enough dribble. On to the fun stuff!

I have been printing off recipes like a crazy person. To anyone that thinks eating healthy is too tedious and boring, you just haven’t been inspired yet! These ladies have put together some of the most amazing looking (and tasting, I’ve tried a few!) recipes and ideas. It’s not as complicated as I once assumed. The whole point of healthy eating is to simplify. Simplify ingredients and cooking methods. Less is most definitely more in some cases. I find myself all the time looking at some of these and saying “That’s it??” Heck yeah!

Alison Bickel’s blog is full of her adventures in parenting, some of her writing, and some really yummy recipes!

“Where I’m From…

I am from art books and photo albums

from the farmer’s market and Photoshop.

I am from the plains, amber waves of grain and a slowly winding river.

From the silver maple on Linden Drive and practicing cartwheels til I was dizzy.

I’m from violin strings, sketch pads, church on Sunday and letter writing.

I’m from “pick up your room” and “set the table”.

I’m from strong willed and creative.

I’m from Steve, Lorie and a brother named Lucas.

From childhood, adulthood and motherhood all in 37 years.

I’m from Ben, Samuel and Henry, my 3 sons, and for better or for worse my best friend Bret.

From a home where “what’s for supper?” and Saturday morning pancakes are ritual.

I’m from home sweet home and the people under it’s roof.

I’m from the pictures that hang on our walls. Each a brushstroke in time, the art of a simple, creative life fully lived.”- Alison Bickel

Erin, a professor of music and food lover. Her food always looks amazing!!

Bree has been consistently my favorite. I have yet to see a recipe I wouldn’t love to try. Best part? SO SIMPLE!

Ok, this laundry isn’t going to wash it’s self, so off I go. More to come soon I promise! I have really struck gold lately in the inspiration department! Have a great week!

OH! And a recipe! This is one that my friend Holly came up with, that I made for dinner last night. Oh it’s so good! (in the tone of Mr. Food)

Black Bean Chili

2 cans rinsed reduced sodium black beans

1 can chili beans

1 46 oz can of tomato juice (not sauce)

1 pound ground turkey breast (my favorite is Butterball)

1/2 white onion diced

These dry ingredients:

In a stew pot, cook turkey and onions at the same time. No need to drain. Add beans and dry ingredients, stir and warm for a minute to let the flavors soak into the meat. Add your tomato juice and simmer for 10-30 minutes. That’s IT!!!


4 thoughts on “Healthy Eating Blogging Gems And An Update!

    • You are so very welcome. I was so ecstatic to find your wonderful site that I had to share! I was just about to send emails to everyone I mentioned making sure it was OK. Your boys are beautiful by the way! Your words and recipes are so inspirational to me to keep going on this journey I’ve started!
      Much love from Germany,

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