Finding my happy place every day.

It’s been a long road to this place, but I can honestly say it’s getting better. Not because I suddenly got everything I wanted or needed. Not because I miss my family any less. Not because I do everything right either. I found this place by letting God back in my life (admittedly not as much as He deserves or in any huge way). I am easing back into living. I say “back”, but this could be the first time ever. I am listening to my heart and living for today and the promise of a new day every time I am blessed to open my eyes every morning. This is MY life. I chose it, so I am for the first time am going to enjoy it!

I’m taking better care of my body and I’m taking better care of my soul and the well-being of my family. I am figuring out there are many different kinds of nourishment.  Healthy eating and healthy relationships with one another are my top priorities. God gave me this body, where my son grew. He gave me my husband who I’ve learned a lot about love and forgiveness from. He also gave me a beautiful amazing son and the opportunity to serve my country by standing behind this man I chose. Those aren’t things to take for granted like I have been! I have been so focused on what we do without, that I couldn’t see what I have had all along. I’ve also been blessed with some amazing friends here that really keep me going. Once you make a friend under these circumstances and bond the way only military wives can, they are friends for life!

So I really have found my happy place. It’s just a moment each day where I can appreciate and take care of what I have and plan for ways to do it better! My happy place is a list completed, that allowed me to have a clean house or things taken care of for my family. A healthy meal, that will help us all thrive in a very stressful place that can take a toll on your body. A shower to start my day and my “warpaint” to help me face the day, instead of pj’s and bed head for most of  it. It’s a home free of clutter (working on that one), that I hope will spread to every other part of my life.

So I will keep making my lists. Keep striving to do it better the next day. Keep my ears and my shoulder open to my friends. Keep working every day to strengthen this marriage God gave me. Find ways to help Alek grow into a man that He/he can be proud of! That’s my happy place. Just little moments every day that let me know that I am still growing and that one day, I will know for sure that I fulfilled my purpose.

Are you still working to fulfill yours? Or are you like I was, and letting your life go on without you? Are you letting God show you the value of even the smallest tasks?

These random thoughts, brought to you by junk food free lunch and my “thoughtful spot” (if your kid is a Winnie the Pooh freak like mine, you’ll know what I mean)

Snapshot of my spot.

Blueberry green tea, turkey on wheat sandwich, coupons to clip, lists to make, and a blog in my head to type.

Best wheat bread ever! Little bit of everything in it.


3 thoughts on “Finding my happy place every day.

  1. Amanda says:

    I’m so glad to hear how amazing things are going!

    The advice I try to remember every morning when I get out of bed–be worthy of your soul. And I think you’re doing just that 😉

    Also, I would like to trade thinking spots with you. Mine is not nearly as organized :/ lol

    • Ha! I’m just glad that the camera didn’t pan out any farther 😉 That could be the only organized spot in my house so far! I love that advice! I was in a pretty dark place for the first half of this year (and the year before that). It’s taken me a long time to step back and really look at my life. It sounds pretty lame but I think things are going better because I’m finally letting them! Hope things are going good up in K-town!

  2. sandra cole says:

    Hey girl. Wow that was wonderful. I am glad that you are getting better. You are a great person and you deserve all the happiness that there is in life. God Bless. Love ya and I am proud to be your mother in law.

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