Happy Naked Friday Everyone!

“Who wears the pants in this marriage?”

“It’s not about who’s wearing pants or not wearing pants, it’s about a partnership.”

“Gawd, how triteful.” —This made me giggle.

Happy Friday all! Today I am living room bound while Alek goes commando for day two. Thank you horrid diaper rash!

I have tried it all! It’s been about two weeks of blistered hiney and this mom is getting desperate. The usual creams aren’t working, so I have taken a few steps on my own and of course consulted a nurse.  I made up a little spray of my own last night and he seemed to really like the cooling effect. If you read up on tea tree oil, you will find a million and one uses for it. I will never again be with out it and a few other essential oils in my cabinet (another post about them all to come!) Between the nurse, my mom, and my own common sense (also thanks to mom) I have a plan of action for the weekend to see if we can’t kick this rash and possibly get a good start on potty training!

The plan:

NO baby wipes. They contain alcohol and will only further irritate. It also hurts! Instead I’m making my own wipes and using my own recipe for a cleansing spray!

-Non irritating DIY Baby Wipes-

*Viva papertowels (they are the softest in texture)

*unscentend bar soap (Dove or Ivory)

*a baggie

Note that these don’t keep forever, so only make enough to use in a day. Fill up sink or bowl with warm water and get a good lather of the soap going and dip in the paper towel. Ring it out slightly (the Viva brand being so thick it will hold up better) and fold them into a square. Repeat about 8-10 times for enough wipes for most of your day. You will also find you use way less than you would with a regular wipe. I am far too lazy to do this everyday, but while he is hurting, I will suck it up!

-No more diapers-

Doctors orders (and Mommal’s and Mine). Going commando and letting his skin breathe is the most important part.  SO we are just learning to use our potty, and our cotton underwear when we eat (just for hygiene).  I have to say he is REALLY getting the hang of it. Only 1.5 accidents today and one unprompted, solo POO!! Gross or not, that’s a big accomplishment!!!

-Warm bath with baking soda, then Lotrimin-

Also doctors orders. Up to three times a day I’m to put him in a warm bath and sprinkle in some baking soda. The nurse and my mom also told me to use some Lotrimin anti-fungal cream if it gets worse or doesn’t improve.

Ok, mid post just got a call from Keith explaining why he couldn’t pick up what I needed for Alek HOURS ago. Really?? This base is just crap!! He can’t even get an hour to take care of his family. I guess I will be walking up to the BX to get what I need. Alek has been coughing and I didn’t want to drag him out in this icky weather today. On my list was also a humidifier for his cough. I am trying to stay positive but the is total bull. I have been expecting him for the past 4 hours and he just now got to call me and tell me he can’t get those things to me. Now what? I can’t put a diaper on Alek, don’t want him out today and I have to drag him to the store? Where I have to WALK btw and drag him in a wagon. This is vaguely reminiscent of the stories I used to hear about people “walking five miles to school in the snow”. I hate this dang place. I can’t even take care of my own child……

Enough rant. I just need to calm down. Here is the recipe for his cleansing spray-

*spray bottle

*one cup water

*2-4 drops tea tree oil

*tablespoon of almond oil

*tablespoon of baby soap

That’s all. It’s still Naked Friday, but no longer a happy one 😡 Maybe a little take out will calm all of our nerves tonight. And nice clean sheets for all. I might be alone here but there is nothing like clean sheets at the end of a craptastic day. It will at least keep me busy until our weekend officially starts in a few hours!! CHIN UP AMANDA!!!


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