~Little Bit Of An Update And New Things To Come~

All the seemingly random and monotonous posts of different outfits and style posts finally produced a clear idea of the direction I want to go towards while “building my wardrobe”. I am tired of wasting money dipping my toe in styles that just don’t suit me, having drawer after drawer of old reliable loungewear that just breeds laziness and an overall sloppy bad day.

I am not vain by any means, but a woman likes to feel good about herself. If you haven’t noticed that’s why my blog is all about. Feeling good about myself and sharing ways that I have discovered to do so.  I want to turn my graveyard of all things slouchy and ratty wardrobe into something that I can build on and possibly carry me into a better state of mind.

It may seem silly and very old school, but Keith having just made his new rank of Master Sgt in the USAF really got me thinking. I thought with his new stripe, I should also wear one of my own (so to speak). We military wives can get run down and weary and boy can we look it! I’d like to take it back a few years when women took pride in their airmen/soldiers, families, and themselves! It was a rare thing around 30 or 40 years ago to see a woman waltz into even the grocery store sporting pajama pants, house shoes, a holey t-shirt and bed head. I have been GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY of this many a time. To think of what image I was portraying makes me a little sad. Is that what I want my son to see and remember? A mom that was just too worn down to take care of herself?

I had a terrible realization last night. For my child’s entire existence in this world, we have faced nothing but difficult situations, stress, hardships, and turmoil. Heck, even before he was born our life was a mess. I envy so much the families who get to make a home somewhere for more than a year, who can actually create structure and get to enjoy their extended family. To think of how much he has missed and how much the rest of the family has missed of him gets me really down! I am capable and I do know to make the best of what we do have and that this is a great experience for us all, but this is not all he needs and definitely not all that I need. For his first three years, I have NOT been the best parent or person I know that I can be.  I have been scrambling and scratching to get myself out of this hole that I’ve fallen in.

I’ve always always been interested in fashion and the arts. It’s time I found joy in those interests again and use it my advantage. Even, in a sense, to my family’s advantage. I can be a better wife and mother if I finally figured out what makes me happy and what keeps me going, so I can nurture, protect, take care of, and be there for them!

So out with the stacks and stacks of oversized shirts, lounge pants. Out with going three days or more without putting a stitch of makeup on to help me face the day. Out with not even getting dressed some days (yes I shower daily).  Out with frowning at myself in the mirror or groaning in disgust. Out with “waiting” to dress better for this pre-baby body that may or may not make a comeback.  I’m older now, my body did change shape to accommodate my pregnancy, and let’s face it life changes you in every way possible! So no, I won’t be deluding myself into thinking that 24 year old me is the only me that can look good.

I don’t write this blog to gain recognition, make money, or even have a ton of readers. If even one person gains any inspiration or motivation out of anything I write or post, then that’s enough.

I do have plans on giving my blog a new little spin for 2012. Lots to be happy about next year. I plan on also taking a few trips around Europe for our LAST (hallelujah) year here and sharing our travels with everyone. I plan on dabbling and cooking more and sharing my finds and adventures there too. I also plan on taking back up my art. I wish I would have scanned or saved my creations in the past, but oh well, time to make new things for my new life!!

Hopefully I can give this “place” a little more structure so I can share my thoughts a bit better!

*Next post will be my recent inspiration and FINALLY a clear idea of a style I can actually pull off. Also I will give more details about my body type and shape so you can see if it will work for you! *


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