My favorite hairstyle. Probably ever.

I have worn my hair like this and I LOVED it. Did I cut it or change it once I finally got it how I wanted it? Of course I did! What girl hasn’t? Lord, we are so dumb…

My favorite hairstyle! (on me at least)

So here I am two years later still trying to grow it back! Anyway, this is more for my reference and a reminder to NOT friggin cut my hair off before I get to my goal (or after!) again! Also, I always save pictures to print out on the rare occasion that I do get to go to the salon. I usually get butchered, but what’s a girl to do eh? I do know how to style/cut this look myself, but it is so much better to be able to go to a salon for it.

*Please note that I am not a trained or licensed stylist! There are just tips and tricks that I have learned.*

What I do to create this type of bang/fringe:

 Take a regular comb (not a rat tail or wide tooth-just picture the classic short black combs the barbers use) Think Goody or Ace. Super cheap.

classic "pocket comb"

Put the center of the comb (where the two width of teeth meet) directly over your hair line. Rock it back to the end of the comb towards your crown. This should be the thickness of your bang, so start combing the hair forward from this point. You want to make a forward facing horseshoe shape, and NOT a square! This sort of upside down U shape will allow you to create more of a face framing bang and not a blunt bang. Keep in mind that your head is round, so the hairs should be cut bearing this in mind. If you cut your hair the same length all over, it would all fall differently.

When you have gathered your hair and combed it forward, it should look like this:

If you must dampen your hair, keep in mind it will dry shorter so cut accordingly.

A variation from the picture above, it you want to more closely recreate Zooey’s look, (keeping with this rounded section) keep the U going closer to your ears instead of stopping at the temples.  It should create the rounded, face framing shape she has here:

Now pull that section firmly, but not too taught, out in front of your nose. All the sectioned hair needs to be between your index and middle finger. By creating one large section the pieces farthest from the crown will end up being the longest (keep in mind your head is round!)

A trick I always do to make sure the hair doesn’t fall from my fingers or I end up with an uneven gappy bang, I will make the first cut a little longer (an inch or so) from where I want to bang/fringe to hang.  You can even use your comb as a guide. I will then trim the remaining length (I usually stop just above the bridge of my nose or just under my brows) by snipping the scissors up into the hair instead of straight across. I’ll keep my scissors at a slight angle. Snipping instead of one blunt cunt, will help the bangs to look less severe or like you are 5 years old again!

Let the bangs fall and see if you need to trim them any shorter or if they fall how you’d like. You can repeat that last step with “snipping upward” to trim your hair bit by bit to get the right shape. It’s always best to cut too little than too much!

Always use appropriate scissors. Kitchen scissors are a no-no! They need to be sharp to create a uniform cut and not end up breaking/cutting your hair. They sell really inexpensive hair cutting scissors in most drugstores near or in the hair care section. There is no need to be all ghetto with the orange handled scissors your mom used to use to trim your hair!!

My best advice is,  if you can avoid it, don’t try to cut your hair wet! You don’t want to wait for it to dry to see if you made a mistake. Remember that your hair will be shorter once it’s dry!

Same technique for cutting fringe, only a little shorter.

GAH! I want my long hair back!!!

I even love the messy look.



3 thoughts on “My favorite hairstyle. Probably ever.

  1. Amanda says:

    I was soooo looking for something different for my hair, but didn’t want to chop it off because I’m growing mine out, too. I think I’m taking this picture to the hair guru lol. I really like the shorter, choppier ones where she’s wearing the blue dress!

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