Another Mental Vacation…aaaaahhhhh…..

This time I’m going to the beach.

Only you know me, I don’t mean your stereotypical “tropical” beach with fruity drinks and steel drums! I mean I want to go where there are lighthouses, sea gulls,  tons of cottages right on the beach. Think Nights in Rodanthe! (which by the way if you haven’t watched, rent it NOW) The beaches of North and South Carolina are the ones I want to visit the most.  OH to be able to visit Charleston! Picture it! Plantations, moss covered oaks, light houses, beaches, bonfires, shopping, food! I’m soo there.

Little known fact about me- the critters that live in lakes and oceans freak me out far too much to actually swim but standing on a shore and letting the waves come to me is my idea of heaven…. Having actually gone snorkeling(for about 10 minutes until something touched me), I can tell you it is not the just idea that freaks me out, but the sensation. It’s turned into a bit of a phobia! EW! I’ll admire them all from behind glass thank you. I find sea life to be quite beautiful, but you won’t catch me out there touching anything with my bare hands or feet! hahaha Make fun all you like! This is my fantasy vacation!

How awesome would it be to wear your softest wrap or throw blanket, grab a mug of hot chocolate, and sit in comfortable old adirondack chairs out by a fire on the beach every evening??? *sigh* Soooo, this is my version of a mental vacation to the beach…..

And you know I like my soundtracks….

Who's with me??

Taking a nap to the sound of the waves and the gulls....

And since this is my fantasy world, I’m even going to “pack” 🙂

I'll take any one of these cover ups!

Can I live in this thing???

Now who’s with me????


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