Hair~ from this woman’s perspective. What a loaded topic!

Disclaimer-  The following opinions are my own, if you don’t like it I hate that for ya.

I love the verse in the Bible (if this offends you, I suggest you take a chill pill and realize people will have different beliefs than you and not be hypocritical and closed minded, like all the other “Christians” that give us all a bad rep- this is just MHO), I like Corinthians chapter 11 (translate this how you will. I am no theologian) about a woman’s hair being her “glory”! Beliefs on how long a woman’s hair should be and how and if her head should be covered differs GREATLY depending on the culture or belief system you happen to follow. I had the privilege to learn about and be exposed to several different said cultures. What a diverse and beautiful world we live in once you take the time to truly see! Granted, there is far more ugly if you choose to focus on it but as a people we have a much greater potential than we are aware of.

My own personal outlook on my hair changes as I grow older. When I was a child, I just new that I liked the way it felt when it was long and would tickle my back when it was down or my neck when it was in a ponytail. There was no fashion (unless I was trying to emulate what I saw my big sisters doing to theirs!) it was all about what felt good and natural to me.

When I was a little bit older I started attending church services with my aunt, who is of the Pentecostal faith. I assure you that what is dramatized and rumored about this faith is just that. Drama and rumors. If I am going to worship my God it’s going to be like that! FREE and uninhibited. Joyous music, crying out when you feel the power of the service hit you. It brings a very real sense of “spirit” into worship. While I don’t follow all of their beliefs ( I do wear pants and cut my hair) I see NOTHING wrong with how this particular faith translates the Bible. I believe that’s what the bible is for! To read it for yourself and come to your own understanding with God! After all, to have a “personal relationship” with Him is to find your own understanding and appreciation. I do see the appeal of the pentecostal faith! A very very clear guideline and set out roles for the members. I’m not going to get into my own understanding of the Pentecostals but I wanted to at least shed some light on the misconceptions. Do your own research if you want a better understanding of another belief system. Otherwise, don’t jump to conclusions.

Because of my experience with different denominations of Christianity and other religious faiths/cultures, I think it has shaped a lot of how open minded I am today. While I do stand firm on my personal beliefs, I can’t be accused of being closed minded or ignorant. I appreciate anyone having faith in something besides themselves and that life has real meaning. You would be hard pressed to convince me that their is no significance in grief, joy, birth, death, and nature itself. Some people still want me to think that feeling is just chemical impulses and the rest is all science. I believe in science and I believe in God. It all came from somewhere and science only makes it more apparent to me.  So yeah, I might be a bit of an enigma. I refuse to have my mind made up for me.

I am forever grateful for my upbringing and open heart that came from it. Back to hair. (yes, in my head it all makes sense) Whatever your beliefs, there is something to be said of what nature/God gave us! To let something be as it was meant to I think is a way of being grateful for the miracle that is life!!! Ponder on that for a moment. My new outlook (see previous blog post) is all about that. So I am going back to nature and the way GOD made me. I am going to take care of the body he made and the body that he let grow within me! (my child) I am letting my hair grow out, not as a part of a religious belief, but just to let myself get back towards how I was MEANT to be and see what happens! If I was meant to be this way, then I will find fulfillment and subsequent joy, will I not???

This started out to be a blog about my favorite hair care techniques and products, but I guess my heart went in a different direction.  I think I might just come to a better understanding of myself after all. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Hair~ from this woman’s perspective. What a loaded topic!

  1. michelle mcgee says:

    Love this! Very poignant and well said! Besides, I think you will look beautiful with long ebony locks!!

    • Awe thanks girl! I MISS my long hair! I do everytime I cut it, and it seems I never learn. Hopefully if I grow it out for different reasons this time it will stick around!

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