I’m on a mission!

I have been really inspired/empowered lately to change my entire lifestyle! The way I have been living just isn’t working anymore. It’s becoming just too much of everything.  So I am simplifying in baby steps!

Starting with mine and my family’s diets and the products I use on myself. I can’t afford to go ALL organic, but I can try to be more natural! I think by giving back to the earth and simplifying what goes in and on our bodies that I can tackle the bigger issues that need to be de-funked in my life.

I have been in such a low place, that I have to start somewhere. Just SOMETHING to brighten my day and little ways to pamper myself and my frayed nerves.  I have too often hidden behind food and a sour mood when things got rough. Well, my marriage and my body are suffering. I need to “detox”! I have started the Alli Weight Loss System today. (another blog to follow about my progress on that!) I am also slowly transitioning us to eating WAY more natural/organic foods. The less ingredients the better, especially ingredients I can’t pronounce! If it’s good for the body, it’s good for the soul right?

Another thing I’m doing, in like I said BABY STEPS to an overall new lifestyle and outlook, is what I am putting ON my body. If you think about it, whatever you put on your skin and hair is absorbed right into your body. My changing my diet, I’ve already taken a step towards more healthy skin, but I want to change my other habits.

I am really into natural remedies (potions, lotions, and soaps) that are better for me than what I’ve been using. Using plain old lotion, I can literally make it into a spa like treatment with a little natural oil! Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Vitamin E Oils are amazing for your skin and hair! (available from drugstore.com)

I can also cut the chemicals I use to clean my face as well.  Plain old Olive Oil can remove eye makeup just as well, if not better than the chemically removers on the shelves. Witch Hazel makes for an AMAZING toner for after you have cleaned your face. Exfoliating is another step you can add to change the overall texture and shape of your skin! You can do a sugar/lemon scrub on a plain cotton pad or Burt’s Bees makes a pretty decent facial scrub. Just make sure the granules are pretty fine, otherwise it can be too abrasive on your face.  Same goes for your body! (I prefer sugar to salt scrubs because of the stinging!)

Just taking these small steps, I hope, will mean that one day I will have built myself up enough to take on the world! Muahahhaha! No seriously though, the biggest mistake I made when I became a mom was putting myself dead LAST. We’ve all done it. My weight starting to climb first, my self image went down the drain, and then my marriage started to suffer horribly because there was hardly anything “left” for me. It seems impossible to take time out in the beginning of motherhood, but really it’s mind over matter. You FIND the time. You FIND those moments to yourself. I mean really is 10 extra minutes in the bathroom going to kill anyone? Those dirty clothes will still be there, the kid will still be screaming, the husband will still be throwing his dirty socks around, and the planet will still be spinning! I promise!! CLAIM those few extra minutes in the day for yourself! I can guarantee you will have more energy to tackle all the chores and duties if you take time out for YOU.

Take care of your body,  take care of your soul. After all, our bodies are supposed to be a temple! What’s in yours? (Mine ain’t lookin so hot!)

*everything shown below can be found at drugstore.com*

Desert Essence Jojoba Oil found at most drugstores. $9-$13

Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Oil $5- $10

Thayers infused Witch Hazel astringent $8-$10


4 thoughts on “I’m on a mission!

  1. Sandy Cole says:

    Wow that is awesome. I really am proud of you. Love the wisdom. I am glad that you are taking care of yourself. That is awesome and I know that Keith appreciates it. Love ya.

    • He had better! hahahaha! Joking. I have a friend that is stationed here too (from my hometown even!) that is giving me lots of recipes for food and how to make your own soaps and lotions! Life can get really rough over here, so we get creative on ways to stay sane and healthy!

  2. Tristen says:

    Hello my darling AmandaPanda. 🙂 I did Alli and I LOVED it!! It forces you to change your eating habits and really works!! I think baby steps are the best thing you can do! You can’t overhaul your life in a day, it won’t last. We’ve started doing that too a little… Drinking organic milk instead of the kind pumped full of antibiotics.. haha! Have you noticed that organic foods have a longer expiration date? Weird. Anyway, good to see that you are doing good and keep me updated on you! I miss you!

    • Woohoo!! I’m glad to hear you say good things about Alli. I was nervous reading some of the reviews on it, but quickly realized these are fatties with no self control. Of COURSE a big mac and fries taken with a pill is going to make you poop yourself!!! I have had NO side affects at all and it’s so much easier to be accountable for myself this way. I’m feeling pretty good! Amanda (russenberger) gave me some links to some friggin awesome organic/natural recipes for food and even how to make your own soaps and lotions!!! I am going to try it all out and blog my results! This blog is horrendously random. Just like the author! I miss you too!!!!!!!

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