Taco Salad Ala Paula!

Taco Salad ala Paula

Hehehehe. Paula Kay that is! This is my Aunt Kay’s (although now it’s just a “family” one) recipe for Taco Salad. I have never seen it prepared like this by anyone else outside of our family. Some of the ingredients you might immediately want to snub. Just trust me, try it all together at least once!

What you need:

1 full size bag of nacho flavored Doritos (crunched just a little)

1 lb ground beef

1 package of taco seasoning

1 can of kidney beans(large, red)-drained

1-2 cups of seeded chopped tomatoes(depends on your preference)

shredded lettuce, again to your preference

1 can of large pitted olives

1/2 of a medium purple onion, diced (optional)

1 bag of shredded cheese


1 16oz jar of salse/picante (we like Pace)

1 bottle of Catalina dressing (don’t wrinkle your nose-just try it in the recipe)


Brown meat and drain according to directions on the packet of taco seasoning. Add seasoning.

*If you are traveling with this dish- save the combining of the ingredients until you get there. Your lettuce and chips might get soggy.

You know how my family likes “dump recipes”, so you know what comes next! Dump all the main ingredients in together and give it a good toss. Add a little extra cheese on top if you like. 🙂

The sauce-

So simple and waaaaaay better than how it sounds!

It is one part salsa/picante and one part Catalina. Pour over individual bowls to taste.



2 thoughts on “Taco Salad Ala Paula!

  1. Aunt Kay says:

    you made me hungry for taco salad at bedtime! But you gave me a good idea for my meal I have to cook at beach. Thank you and I sure do llloooovvvveeee you tttoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think it would make pretty awesome beach food. But I have yet to find an occasion where it doesn’t work! After we get moved in we are having dinner with our neighbors and decided on taco night. I’m bringing your salad. You can’t beat good food and good friends! LOVE ya’ll!!!!

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