More New House Stuff!

Finally decided on a color scheme for the main living area.  I say “living area” because the kitchen, dining area, and living room are all one big space. To create division of the two spaces I am using contrasting color schemes on either side. I used Polyvore to create a collage of items we already have and things on my wishlists from Target and Amazon.

Living “Room”

"Before" Shot


Link to my Polyvore account where you can see the individual items I used:

We already have the sectional, ottoman/coffee table, and wall shelf.

Kitchen and Dining “Room”

Dining Area is to the left:

“After” Bar Stool 29,99 Euro

(My bar stools for the kitchen)

I have one of these that I have stained green. (looks more like a green wash) I am contemplating painting it black to match the bar stools. Either way it will match and Short Stuff loves it.

Link to my Polyvore where I have listed out these items as well:


2 thoughts on “More New House Stuff!

  1. Sandra Cole says:

    Wow I am really going to love to see the pictures when you get it all decorated. It is so rich looking. Tell Keith that I did not get to the store yet and I am going to send out some packages in the next few weeks with Christmas stuff for all of you. I am going to go to Target and get a money card for Keith’s Birthday and I will let you know what the numbers are. Also I am going to get another card for some of the items that you want from Target so that you can send for some of the items that you want for the house. That will be part of your Christmas gifts. Love all of you. Sandy (Mom) (Mom Mom)

  2. You are so amazing! It is going to be a WONDERFUL Christmas this year. I love that we are moving but man does it get expensive! I have a Christmas gift and card to send to you and Bob and one for Dylan and Tracey. I have to let Alek finish the gift first though. He made it! (with mommy’s help) Love you Mom Cole!

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