We’re moving!!

And that means I get to decorate! YAY! I have far too many bookmarks to find the items and ideas I am trying to save.  I guess I will just consolidate it all into a blog post I can come back to later.

I will post some “before” pics of the new place- specifically the areas I am working on decorating.

Future makeup room!!! (and your typical spare bedroom stuff)

Living area (balcony to the left)

As you can see it’s open to the kitchen and dining area.  So much space!

My sweet new kitchen!

Dining area to the left-

Master bath-

Now to decorate!

So far the only rooms I am actually sure of what I want are the master bedroom and bath.  The main living area/kitchen I am just going to see how all of our current things fit and go from there. I sure could use some ideas on my makeup room. I am not a girly girly pink person. I have been more of an antique/traditional person for as long as I have been decorating (I can remember redecorating my parents living room and my room when I was about 12) but now that I have seen/lived in European homes and grown accustomed to the clean lines and bold colors I am falling in love with a more modern feel!!

Decorating, art, and makeup are my loves! I guess you can call me an “aesthetic artist”? I like to always leave things better than I found them. It’s become sort of a mantra for my whole life.

What I am doing in our bedroom and bathroom:

This is a print that I already have by Gustav Klimt. (purchased from Ikea here in Germany) I am taking all of my color inspiration from it. Deep purple, royal blue, burnt orange,  and white.


Burnt Orange Pillow cases. We have a queen but I ordered them in king size so I can have them behind the purple set of queen pillows as an accent.

Plum/Purple Sheers. These aren’t what I am actually getting but the color is the same. I wanted a more sheer fabric. I found them at Ikea but the image they have online is not true to color.

Lastly for the bedroom is a comforter we already have that I don’t want to cover with a duvet because I like the contrast. We have a white down alternative comforter just like this one.

I am most likely going to put what I have already gotten in the room first and see what final touches I need. I know I will skip a large area rug that I would normally gravitate towards because our room is very long and narrow. I think instead just for comfort’s sake and more color I will add a rectangular “mat” on either side of the bed in one of my accent colors. The room is all tiled and that is going to be quite cold to wake up to in the mornings here in Germany!

Master Bath:

I’m carrying some of the color scheme from the bedroom over to this room. It is all white tiles (like the pic I showed above) I want to keep that clean modern look so I chose a black and white shower curtain from Target.

Accessories in rugs in the orange or deep purple. Or both!!

I will hopefully have “after” photos up after the 14th of December. The place will be officially ours by then! Now to work on that makeup room. Woohoo!!


One thought on “We’re moving!!

  1. Sandy Cole says:

    I love what you have picked out already. It is going to be awesome for all of you. God Bless your new home. Love ya. Sandy (Mom) (Mom Mom)

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