“Just because you can……”

“Doesn’t mean you should!!” If only some women would heed this warning!

In today’s world it is just SHOVED down our throats how we should look: thin, tan, stacked, smooth, nipped, tucked…..well you get the point. To quote one of my favorite movies that is in fact a comedy (and a hilarious one) but with a pretty good message- “Take care of your body. You and your body are going to be together a long long time”- Death Becomes Her 1992. (if only Goldie had paid attention….girl needs to stop nipping and tucking!)

The point of all this rambling is to say one thing. LOVE yourself. No matter how you look on the outside, you will never be happy until you love who you are on the inside!! How we treat our bodies now, will affect us for the rest of our lives.

I am in no way against plastic surgery. I love a good makeover! I would also LOVE to shed a few pounds. If it makes you feel better about yourself then by all means! I will even admit there are a few little things I wouldn’t mind having “done”…….The women I am going to show you in this cautionary tale have gone past extreme, on into alarming……

These are just some celebrity examples of “bad choices”.

Recently spoofed in a Halloween Snickers commercial: Jocelyn Wildenstien

What are the chances in twenty years, she is going to still feel good about those decisions??

These next few had me in tears…..

My heart literally hurts for these women.

More images that make you think:

Don’t turn yourself into a victim!!

While a fake bake is better than cancer, you can go TOO FAR!

(These are just for fun)

Taking ANYTHING to extremes is bad. Learn to love yourself for who you are, so you’ll have a better chance of being what you were meant to be…..


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