Insomniac’s ‘R Us….

Sooooooo as usual I can’t sleep.  3 posts in one day seems excessive but I would rather look at clothes than deal with the heavy stuff atm. This post is really just for myself. A sort of shopping list if you will. Lots of images, some are very similar but that is because I am trying to put together a workable wardrobe that I can mix and match. This is an entire years worth of ideas that I have been mulling around. I have never had to dress for such mild temperatures and am so sick of lounge wear! Feel free to skim on past this one and I promise to be more interesting in later posts! Have a blessed evening. ❤

Lots of basic pieces from this collection but I am just not skilled enough to mix it up like she does. This is me literally taking notes. 🙂 Apparently we do share the same sentiments- I’d rather wear a scarf than a necklace any day!

*Images are from Polyvore. They belong to Busy mom in NY.


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