Pretty little thoughts and things….today at least.

This is all a little overwhelming for a first time blogger…..Heck, I just got a handle on the Facebook craze a few years ago.

So much has happened in my life in a few short years.  In today’s world a person needs a place to vent, share, and put thoughts in order. My head always seems to be spinning, so I concluded a new outlet was in order. Hopefully this will be a place where I can do some online window shopping and share my finds without breaking the bank, play around with makeup and the like without subjecting myself to the viscousness that inevitably comes with vlogging. ..YIKES.  I am just not thick skinned enough for the trolls of Youtube.

Also, I hope this will be a place where I can clear my head with all that is going on in my life as I tackle being a military wife and a mother to a toddler- all while living in Europe, thousands of miles away from friends and family. I am interested in so many things that I have to get it out somehow! Writing is also something that I can always count on to clear my head and express myself when spoken words may fail….

I think I will just jump right into it then. Being my first post, I will keep this light and easy.

On today’s menu? Clothes, clothes, clothes. These outfits are friendly to almost any figure but more importantly to those “full figured” gals like myself. With those extra pounds that I have not been able to shed for various reasons since having a baby (namely just NO time for myself).

A friend of mine who I will call “T” (unless otherwise authorized 😛 ) got me back into Polyvore. you have not encountered the site, it is a fantastic way to kill time, express yourself, and pull things together that you may never have the budget for. Like myself!  I have found alternatives to these styles from other sources that are much more affordable. If I can figure all this out, I may even be able to provide links.

First set from Polyvore is something I am hoping to find alternative pieces I can actually afford! The temperature is rapidly dropping here in Germany and as much as I gravitate towards them, maybe I won’t live in sweatpants this year… AH! Who am I kidding? It’s still pretty though isn’t it??

Another cool weather find….I am in like with this one because it seems like it would be kind to my less than ideal tummy left over from pregnancy/deployment weight. Military spouses know exactly what I am talking about!

How friggin comfy do those shoes look??

The following outfit I would love to see my friend “E” in! She has been doing FANTASTIC on the diet front and I am very proud of her. She would look pretty darn spiffy in this if I were close enough to MAKE her play dress up!

Last one for the evening is something I would tweak a bit but I love the colors (that turquoise  is gorgeous). The cami would need to be way less pleated and poofy if I were to layer it under a pullover but the color is spot on! The botton tab on the waistband of the jeans would be perfect for holding in a little pot belly like mine 🙂 And the boots!! AH! Need I say more?? I would live in those.

That’s all she wrote for today. Be advised this is predestined to be a very random blog. I am the ADD queen and trust me it will show!

I will end on an Audrey note. These are words I live by:

” For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”-Audrey Hepburn

(I don’t know if I need to say it, but these images are not my own. The sets mentioned above belong to Styleit and Digitalkitten via


3 thoughts on “Pretty little thoughts and things….today at least.

  1. Sandy Cole says:

    That was very informative. It looks good so far. Keep up the good work. Looking to enjoy more from your blog. Love ya. Sandy

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